Roadshows & Sampling Activities

This is the most widely used method to promote our food in Malaysia, especially in Supermarkets and Outlets in Shopping Malls. Don’t get me wrong, is also the most effective way to let the food do the talking, and who in Malaysia doesn’t love it.

However, in order to make it effective and consistent is always a challenge. The knowledge and skills of the promoters, event location allocated, the right equipment, etc etc are all factors contributing to the success of any events.

Hence we are here to make it happen. In this case, the asset is always the people. Our SOP of employing promoters with the right attitude, skills & knowledge, supervisors that don’t swing by locations to ensure better relationships with the supermarkets’ person in charge, together with our monthly products training will give our clients a piece of mind.

AEON Big Sampling Promotion 2
AEON Big Sampling Promotion 1
st paddies Oysters

Equipped together with our digital solutions designed for you, your brand reputation will rise in no time

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